Storage Housekeeper

Location: Iron Vault Storage Gillis or DeRidder LA

Description: We’re looking for a housekeeper who will keep our storage rooms cleaner than most people keep their houses. Windows need to be cleaned, walls wiped, floors mopped, trash picked up, restrooms cleaned, trash cans emptied, and the parking lot blown off. Many of our storage rooms are non-climate controlled, so most of the work will be in outside temperature conditions. Occasionally you will need to drive a U-Haul truck to another location, or clean U-Haul equipment.

  • Driver's license
  • Ability to work in multiple locations
  • Ability to use the Trello app, TSheets app, and Outlook app on your cell phone
  • Ability to read a written task list and then complete the tasks
  • Ability to use a ladder to perform some cleaning jobs at higher levels
  • Pre-employment background check
  • In your resume, please tell us:
  • Which days and hours you would be available for work?
  • How many hours you prefer to work per shift?
  • If you have any prior cleaning experience?
  • If you have any experience in any customer service or retail jobs?
  • Whether you think it’s best to sweep a concrete floor with a broom or vacuum?
  • How much you want to be paid per hour?
If you’re interested, we want to hear from you!  Send resume or just email us at jobs@ivstorage.comThanks for reading about our job!